Evergy Energy Safety Education

Safety is a core value at Evergy, Inc. companies. We hold our contractors to the same level of safety as we do our employees.

Working together, we can ensure zero accidents – Zero Today – Zero Tomorrow, so Nobody Gets Hurt.


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  Here’s a safety training resource for all at-risk workers—from painters, plumbers and electricians to general contractors, heavy equipment operators, and highway construction workers—which will help you protect your business, your employees, and the public.
  This resource augments training for EMTs, fire fighters, police, and other emergency personnel so they may better protect themselves and the public from emergencies that involve utility hazards.
  This resource for educators, students, and their families contains state of the art educational tools that address a variety of learning styles and support national and state education content standards.
  Kansas State Statutes
on Overheard Power
Line Safety
  Missouri State Statutes
on Overhead Power
Line Safety >
Thank you in advance for your participation and commitment to safety.
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