Call Before You Dig

Dig Safely

Underground power lines and other utilities run under streets and sidewalks as well as under yards and homes. Accidentally digging into these lines could cause an electrical shock hazard and disrupt electrical service in the neighborhood. Damage to an underground power line could even result in electrocution.

Your utility locator center, reached by dialing 811, makes sure underground power lines and other utilities are clearly marked so people can dig a safe distance away from them. Whether your family plans to do it themselves or to hire a professional, call 811 several days before digging begins. Any job requires a call, even planting a tree!

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How 811 Works

The 811 service makes sure underground utility lines are clearly marked so that people can dig a safe distance away from them. You must contact this service before any digging project, no matter how small. Call 811 or enter an online ticket request, then wait your state’s required time for lines to be marked before you start to dig. (Find your state 811 service website and wait times here: