Isolate the PV System

Even if the PV system is not initially impacted by the incident, it should still be electrically isolated from the grid and shut down as a preemptive measure. If the system is off-grid or hybrid, use switchgear to isolate the battery bank from both the array and the inverter. Use caution, as PV systems are not guaranteed to be code-compliant or to have appropriate signage, controls or safety features.

If you are involved in isolating a PV system, remember: Never remove an electric meter! Evergy is the most qualified to secure the system. Their personnel will evaluate the meter and remove it if needed.

Once a PV system has been isolated, the system status should be reported to command and announced to all personnel present. Continue to maintain at least 3 feet of distance from all PV components and keep fire line or caution tape around them as a reminder.