Utility-Scale and Large Commercial Installations

For utility-scale and large commercial installations, take the following additional precautions:

  • Access preplan data while responding (Preplanning is essential for effective BESS incident response.)
  • Initiate contact with the BESS owner (whether the local property owner or a third-party technology vendor) through your dispatch center.
  • Request that a qualified facility SME meet the incident commander on-site. The SME should understand system configuration and battery chemistry under adverse conditions.
  • Review, interpret and verify all data sources with the on-site SME to form an operational picture for data-driven incident management.
  • Confirm that ventilation is occurring. Only activate an exhaust ventilation system if you can do so remotely.
  • Verify automated electrical charge/discharge system disconnect if you can do so remotely.
  • Maintain a standoff distance of 100 feet for any Evergy BESS facility unless instructed otherwise by a qualified on-site facility SME.
  • Do NOT proceed beyond the fence line of any facility or structure without guidance from Evergy.